Exciting developments continue!

We are pleased to announce that we released Loyyal Platform v1.0 to your Devnet, Testnet, and Mainnet environments.

While we are continually improving our Platform with incremental enhancements, below is a summary of the important new capabilities and features of this release:

Release Notes

What’s new

  1. Node to Node Replication
    Version 1.0 of the Loyyal Platform is now able to replicate and share transactions across Nodes for Program Operators or Earn & Redemption Partners executing transactions with one another, such as points exchange. This feature demonstrably increases the security of the Platform through two key requirements for transaction processing; Only network-verified transactions are allowed to update the distributed ledger, and consensus is required amongst all Nodes sharing a given transaction. This also provides for a significantly simplified transaction reconciliation process between Program Operators and Partners as all transactions recorded on the ledger are immutable.
  2. Multi-cloud Architectural Enhancements; Multi-Peer, and Multi-Orderer
    With this release, we have increased the number of Peers and Orderers that are utilized in our System Architecture. This provides for more stability, data resiliency, and greater network redundancy for disaster recovery and data concurrency.
  3. HyperLedger Fabric (HLF) 1.0.5 Upgrade
    This upgrade incorporates from IBM and the HyperLedger consortium delivers, according to their Release Notes “several bug fixes, documentation and test coverage improvements, UX improvements based on user feedback, and more”.
  4. Enhanced JSON Web Token (JWT) tracking
    Increased security capabilities by blocking potentially malicious and fraudulent transactions by optimizing the method in which the Loyyal Platform tracks JWT’s. The Platform is now able to revoke any compromised tokens that might be used to submit API requests.
  5. Improved Deployment Processes
    Your applications will experience greater availability due to enhancements in our Development Operations toolset and capabilities. Thus, most future releases of the Loyyal Platform will be delivered as rolling upgrades with no system downtime.
  6. SQL Redundancy High Availability Configuration

Addition of SQL Hot Spare
The addition of the SQL Hot Spare provides the Loyyal Platform with the ability to failover to a separate, redundant SQL server in case any issues are experienced with the primary SQL server.

Addition of SQL Read-Slave
To increase performance of queries along with minimizing impact on our production environments, this release introduces SQL Read-Slave functionality. This new feature provides the ability to respond to queries, and/or generate reports from dedicated replicas of our production database environments.

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