Exciting developments continue!

We are pleased to announce that we have released Loyyal Product Suite v2.0

While we are continually improving our platform with incremental enhancements and fixing anomalies, below is a summary of the important new capabilities and features of this release:

What’s new

  1. Multi-Channel Creation and Participation
    • Allows for complete private chain solutions per customer
    • Improved security for members of multi-channel chains and ledgers through additional data isolation
  2. Microservices / Decoupled Architecture
    • Streamlines third party integrations
    • Facilitates rapid scaling
    • Ideal for distributed teams
  3. Migration to NoSQL
    • Critical to ongoing TPS improvements 
  4. Performance Improvements: Throughput & Requests Per Second
    • 700 transactions per block
    • 7x performance increase from v1.0
  5. Adopted Kong for authentication
    • As used by healthcare.gov, Harvard University, IBM, Intel, OpenDNS etc. 
  6. Upgraded to Hyperledger Fabric v1.1 (Release Notes)
    • Rolling node upgrades
    • Ability to generate certificate revocation lists (CRLs)
    • Mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) between Fabric nodes, and between clients and nodes
    • 3x native throughput enhancement
    • General feature, documentation, test coverage, and UX improvements.
  7. Improved internal observability
    • Allows for easier debugging and more efficient customer support
  8.  New v2.0 API’s
    • APIs simplified and end points consolidated for user friendliness & ease of implementation
    • Full details to be provided in v2.0 Developer Guide
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