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The Internet of Loyalty

We are reinventing how customer incentives are created, rewarded, and managed. Using proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology, our platform brings a host of benefits to a highly fragmented industry and offers brands an innovative way to unlock the billions of dollars in value held captive in legacy loyalty programs today.

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With Loyyal You Can

Extend Partner Network
Increase member engagement and grow your network of relevant partners, while reducing costs and accelerating reconciliation & settlement.
Expand Marketing Capabilities
Personalize offers and promotions with near real-time insights into individual member behaviors and interests while sharing data with partners more securely than ever before.
Enhance Program Profitability
Trace the true value of all loyalty currency through the entire program lifecycle, and improve revenue management by redeeming the most profitable points/miles first.

Value Added Resellers & Integration Partners


What You Get as a Client

With Loyyal’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), client’s have all-inclusive access to our Platform, enterprise-grade hosting services, development tools, support services, and our ever-growing network of partners.  All-inclusive monthly license fees can start as low as $5K per month, or customized to your specific needs.

  • Unlimited API access to the Loyyal Platform
  • Entry to Loyyal’s network of earning and redemption partners
  • Personalized Node Dashboard
  • Monthly Support services
  • Unlimited support for Severity Level 1-2 issues

Loyyal Product Suite License Packages

Billed Annually
Level 1

per Month

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Over 500,000 Transactions
Unlimited API Requests

Additional Discounts:
Price per Transaction
Professional Services

Level 2


per Month

500,000 Transactions
Unlimited API Requests
4 Hrs of Professional Services

Additional Discounts:
Incremental Transactions as low as $0.02
10% on Professional Services

Level 3


per Month

250,000 Transactions
1,000,000 API Requests
2 Hrs of Professional Services

Additional Discounts:
Incremental Transactions as low as $0.05
5% on Professional Services

Level 4


per Month

100,000 Transactions
500,000 API Requests
1 Hr of Professional Services

Additional Discounts:
Incremental Transactions as low as $0.09


Let's Get Started

Need assistance in determining where Loyyal’s blockchain solution can immediately add the most value to your program? Looking to explore how to deliver new and innovative member experiences? Already have an objective defined ranging from a proof-of-concept sall the way to a production-ready application? Please contact us today via the link below and our team will work directly with you and your organization to examine ways in which Loyyal can help.

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