Leisure, Lifestyle and Travel Rewards, Experiences, Gift Currencies, and Web3.0 style rewards (NFT’s, Phygital, Crypto etc).
It also houses our growing directory of both global and local merchants & reward partners that feed into Access Point.
Increased customer lifetime value (CLV)

Reward Point provides a constant stream of new and innovative rewards and reward partners. Reinforcing the value proposition of a program to its members. Helping them to stay engaged over the long-term and ensuring increased the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Data-driven decision making

Reward Point tracks and collects valuable redemption data allowing program owners to tailor reward choices and procure new relevant rewards for their program. Allowing them to also tailor their promotions and marketing strategies.

Widest, ever-growing selection of reward options

Reward Point, offers loyalty program managers the ability to combination core and non-core rewards that can by tier or customer preference across experiences, lifestyle offerings, events, and personalized offerings. In addition, as our ecosystem of expanding merchants and partners, provides access to new reward opportunities and options.

Web3.0 rewards

Easily source or setup unique Web3.0 based loyalty offerings to reward your consumers with special experiences, unique collectibles, higher status, or tradable incentives. These can be used to enhance traditional rewards in order to provide fresh ways to engage and retain your members.

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