Meaning that loyalty program owners can recruit far more offers and rewards than they were previously able to without any need for extra internal resource. Allowing them to cost effectively create far richer and more rewarding experiences for their program members and drive new Program revenue.
Equally, as a self-service operating system, Access Point allows merchants and partners to engage instantly with program owners, creating new connections to attractive customers and unlocking new sales channels.

A one-stop solution for simplified collaboration and increased efficiency

Managing multiple partnerships doesn’t have to be a hassle. Access Point offers a plug-and-play solution that puts all of your merchants and reward partners in one place, making management simple and cost-effective.

Meaning that program owners can easily connect, collaborate, and maximize the potential of their partner network whilst reducing the amount of time and resources traditionally required.

Plug-and-play simplicity

Designed for seamless integration, providing a plug-and-play experience. Effortlessly connect with multiple partners through our intuitive operating system, eliminating complex setup processes.

Centralized partnership management

No more multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems. Access Point centralizes all your merchant and reward partner management, giving you a unified view of all your partners. From tracking performance to managing agreements, everything is conveniently accessible in one place.

Incremental revenue

By enabling unlimited partner connections via a single integration, program owners can turn on new revenue generating partners easily. This cuts out time to revenue and overcome internal barriers by reducing overall friction around approvals, onboarding and administration. Allowing partnership teams to say “Yes” to more partners.

Low-cost solution

We understand the importance of time and resource efficiency. Access Point offers an affordable solution to managing multiple commercial relationships. Ensuring that program owners can optimize their partner network without requiring additional resource.

Efficient resource allocation

Allocate your resources more effectively. With streamlined partnership management, you can reduce the time and effort spent on administrative tasks. Allowing program managers to focus their valuable time and resources on nurturing relationships, strategic planning, and driving mutual success.

Actionable insights

Robust reporting and analytics tools, delivering actionable insights into partnership performance. Access comprehensive data, track key metrics, and gain a deeper understanding of your partner contributions. Leverage these insights to make more informed decisions, optimize your partnership and reward strategies.

Rapid deployment

Providing program operators the ability to onboard merchants quickly with only a single integration into their loyalty management system ensuring significant reduction in the need for IT resourcing and integration effort.

Merchants loyalty

Allows merchants and reward partners to directly access and engage with some of the world’s leading loyalty programs.
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